gardeners' Break ii

Gardeners’ Break, Pastel

image 12″ x 15″, framed, 13″ x 17″, $275.00

Conversationt With Grandpa

Conversation With Grandpa, Pastel

image 11″ x 15″, framed 14″ x 18″, $275.00

takig a break

Taking a Break, Watercolor

image 10″ x 14″, off white mat and frame, 17″ x21″, $300.00


In The Magic Garden, Prints Available

super sized.jpg resize

Super Sized, Prints Available

wading in the water

Wading In The Water, Watercolor

Sidewalk Artist, Pastel,

Sidewalk Artist, Prints Available

Kaitlin, Watercolor,!5" x 14",

Kaitlin, Watercolor,

 image 15″ x 14″, off white mat and frame, 21″ x 22″, $450.00

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